Saturday, 28 February 2015

Diva Lisa; Hmmmmmm Cupcake!

Everyone having a nice weekend!? :D
I sure am :) I will blabber a bit and say that I saw Jupiter Ascending and Big Hero Six in the cinema the other day - And i LOVED them! 
And also, we are a bunch going for Kingsmen in the cinemas tonight... so thrilled! :D 

But, enough of this you all know, there are new images to collect from the store!
The East Wind is a brand new designer here, and I've had the pleasure of playing with
She's adorable - and so fixated on that cupcake! 
think she might be having a diet-burst ;)

 I made my card more or less CAS, to give the image more attention :)
And here she is, I must admit the cupcake does look good ;)

I hope you had fun looking, and I can't wait to see your takes on her.


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