Monday, 1 June 2015

Polychromos HairTutorial

Hello there all :) 

I am here to share a tutorial with you, Polychromos Hair. 
I use my pencils alot for hair, I really like the fading out quality they give, and I hope you will find this small tutorial useful. 

 I decided to go for Punch of Colour Girl 8, she's available in Rubber and as a Digi
 these are the colours i went for for the hair, I always place them on tissuepaper to stop them from rolling all over my desk :)
 I start with the darkest shade, and then colour with the lighter ones as i go. 
The lines should follow the flow of the hair

 this is down to my lightest shade so far, and as you can see I decided to go even lighter once the hair were all done in those three shades
 I added this light magenta all around the hair, to make a more subtle flow into white; I do not however want it to be all perfect, I want the lines to be strands of hair - to get better texture.
 And just quickly showing how this same style is used in other parts of the image, using these 4 colours on her clothes :)

 As you see, the same basic build-up, only difference is that here I dont keep as much of the pencil-lines visible. 

 And here is my finished card :)

As you see I finished up the image in some of the same colours, just various shades :)

I hope you enjoyed, 
and I hope you share your projects with us! 

Crafty hugs, 


  1. stunning.. just love all of Hannah Lynn images and thanks so much for the tutorial.. Have the same pencils and am learning to use them, too. Great help!! xxx Ann Marie

  2. would love to know what paper you used as well...thanks!

  3. A great tutorial Laila, hair is always one of the difficult areas many crafters worry about. x