Saturday, 30 April 2016

Shadow and shadowless image coloring Comparation tutorial

Welcome this weekend to our blog

Elena F here today with another tutorial

I´m going to show you how you can colour BOTH images we edited in the last tutorial HERE.

I´m going to be honest; If you need a FAST colouring, the shadowed one is easier/faster to colour, but like everything in life it has a positive and a negative side. Faster to colour, but you can´t choose where the shadows are going to be. You need to follow at least the darkest ones.

How did they colour??? Basically in the same way. I´ll show you picture by picture, I've done the same in both so you can see them being left slightly different in each digi.

Image "Blossoming" by new artist Emily Luella


Starting with E13, choose where the shadows are going to be

continue shading with E11

E21; extend your shadows a bit more and start blending

Continue with E00

Final step blend after demarcate where cheek´s Rouges are going to be with R02. 

 You can see I like to leave the lighter and brighter skin spaces without colour; so with blank empty areas, I use the Canson Fabriano because it is slightly more yellow/cream than other brands and can use this technique without seeing total white undesirable uncolored white space in the skin.


I´ve coloured the lips in the same colour R02 and eyes in B93 I chose to cover a bit more of the lips in the shadowless image.

I´m going to start with the middle tone setting where the shadows are. This way, you can correct a bit if you're wrong.

Look at this point; after colouring the hair with the lightest marker, in only 2 STEPS, you can leave the shadowed image hair colour at this point if you desire; it is quite acceptable.
....................but we will continue anyway with BOTH COLOURINGS to get a better result.

With the darkest colour, on the darkest spaces to get more contrast and more realistic hair colouring to middle tone to drag and unify colours
Look; we are going to get both of their hair perfect but the shadowed version is almost finished......and WOULD YOU BELIEVE BOTH are coloured in THE SAME WAY and doing THE SAME STEPS.

Final touch unify all the hair with the lightest marker.


Start colouring the corset with the darkest colour placing your shadows first

Middle tones and blend

Lightest areas and left empty colouring spaces in highlights again

Return to darkest colour again to intensify the contrast and DRAW the corset´s darkest lines

Blend again with your middle tone

 Blend and colour again as many times as you need until you get the desired final look in your colouring ALWAYS.
Both finished skin, hair and corset:

I´ve coloured all the roses with R89, 85, 83, 81
Leaves with YG21 and YG03

Background is done with B23
I leave every thing in the picture except the girl with no other shadow than the image´s got so you can see what the differences between both are:

I´ll be in a hurry with a project made with this beauty.
Thanks for stopping by.