Tuesday, 16 August 2016

image transfer

The wonderful images by Emily Luella are great for making an image transfer. 
You can find the images here

What do you need:
a background, I used a gelli print
an image printed with a laserjet printer 
mat gel medium (liquitex, golden, ara, deco art or any other brand)
mini mister

I removed the background of the image.

Put the image upside down on your background and trace the shape.
If there are words or numbers in your print, be sure to make a mirror image print, otherwise you won't be able to read it after you've made the transfer. 

Add a layer of gesso. 

Add a layer of gel medium on the image and let it dry. 
Add a layer of gel medium on the gesso also and let it dry. 

Add a second layer of gel medium on the image and glue the image on the gesso. 
Make sure that all the airbubbles are removed , use a old debit/creditcard to do this.

And let it dry completely, usually a night.

After it dried all night, spray water on the image and let it soak for a few seconds.

Rub away the paper.
You need to repeat this a few times before all the paper will be removed. When the image dries up white, it means that not all the paper is removed yet. so add water, let it soak and start rubbing again. 

When all the paper has been removed your image will look like this. 

I used this image and background for making an art journalpage. 

hope you'll like this little tutorial


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  1. A lovely tutorial with easy instructions, would like to give it a try x